Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Buffalo Soldiers. The Village. Metallica: Some Kind of Monster

Buffalo Soldiers
This Fight Club direction, this Fight Club sense of sleepiness, that one man solmeness, the solitude of strength, the duel between two anti heroes. Everything muted, even death; slow motion; blue. One of those films you like better the second time you see it, and you watch it that time because it got in your head in ways of which you’re not certain the first time, a film you approach as a comedy and so approach wrong; a film as about drugs as Trainspotting or any of the other drug movies; fatalistic, nihilistic; subversive and subverted.

The Village
What happens when you try to reinvent Eden?
Blood sacrifices.
The creation of demons.
Evil comes into the garden, and not with apples, and not with snakes. It is born in the hearts of men.
This, or something like, is Shyamalan’s thesis.
Its poorly acted, especially be Hurt, and second most especially by Bryce Dallas Howard, who is a girl I find it almost impossible at whom to look; this under or over directed piece in which half the performances are muted and the other half over the top…and yet something interesting at the heart, a solid story, well framed shots, nicely moving colors, more a whole than its parts.

Metallica: Some Kind of Monster
A film about therapy; about passive aggression; about control and control issues; about the way the therapist becomes part of a solution and part of a problem; this is like a documentary about a marriage trying to work, the sacrifices and blindnesses necessary for that possibility, and even then, how it doesn’t, not really, perhaps just as seen form the outside, or after one surrender or another. A film about the production of “art”, the sort of mess from which that springs, or seeps, or is accidentally born.