Sunday, January 16, 2005

Light Sleeper

“Look at me. What do you see? What is around me? Is it dark?”
A restless insomniac wander, from some dim place toward some kind of light, the walk a man takes when he feels lucky, when he fears his luck is running out, when he no that it is time for a change, that midpoint, where hope is born by necessity and desperation is that lurking other option. Sarandon, the wild card, as good as she was in White Palace, in Thelma in Louise, those few times she’s been really really good, and Dafoe, even better than the always really really good he is, Schrader re-treading with style Travis Bickle and his other half lost protagonists, men on quests for voice, for place, for something onto which to hold. There’s a scene, over strawberries, in a restaurant, it reminds you of how good women are at saying goodbye, how they always know the significance of it before the man, that a woman, she knows the final moment, when it’s coming, when it’s there, and LaTour, he moves around smiling that smile that almost gets it, and he says, “What is around me? Is it dark?”